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Preparing MS Excel Spreadsheets for Translation in Your CAT Tool

Welcome back, dear Reader!This article comes straight from practice and might be interesting to translators and customers alike, because we will have a look at how to best prepare spreadsheet files for translation.

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PmWiki: Link to List of Missing or Orphaned Pages (“Wanted Pages”)

Now this is entirely out of the usual scope of what I’m writing about here, but it was so difficult an answer to find that I just have to publish it.The objective: Provide users with a list of all missing

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E-Mail DeFrEnT + ( PGP | S/MIME ) Kryptographie

Für vertrauliche Auftragsdetails können Sie unsere info@… E-Mail-Adresse auch mit Verschlüsselung benutzen. DeFrEnTs öffentlicher Schlüssel für PGP/GPG liegt auf öffentlichen Keyservern und ist SSL-gesichert unter url.defrent.de/pgpkey herunterzuladen. Der öffentliche Schlüssel für das konkurrierende S/MIME-System kann ebenfalls SSL-gesichert unter url.defrent.de/smimekey heruntergeladen

Frohes Fest! – Bonnes fêtes! – Happy Holidays!

Allen meinen Kunden und Kollegen wünsche ich frohe Feiertage und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr. Genießt das Leben und sammelt viel Energie für ein erfolgreiches 2015!À tous mes clients et collègues : Je vous souhaite des bonnes journées de

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What’s in SDL Trados Project/Return Packages (sdlppx/sdlrpx)?

A few weeks ago, I was asked by a potential client if I had the “Professional” flavour of SDL Trados Studio. I declined, mentioning that I was going to update from Studio Freelance 2011 to Studio Freelance 2014 until the

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File size observations on the IATE TBX Termbase

Is has been known for a while now that a database dump of IATE, the EU Terminology Database, has been made available as a download instead of a web search form in June 2014. The ZIP file is ~116 MB,

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Translation isn’t about words — translation is all about words

A recurring statement in the translation industry is that “translation isn’t about words”. To most non-translators, this is somewhat counter-intuitive, because translation is all about words. You take words from one language, do this translation shtick, you get words in

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The good news: What CAT can do for you.

With “The Good News”, I intend to start an English language series that deviates from the widespread negative tone that marks many translator’s blog posts. Is our “industry” (more fittingly: our craft, our art) challenged by low-grade dump work from

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Preparing half-translated bilingual XML for Trados Studio – with XSLT

More and more translation clients, especially in the Web industry, but also in application I18N/L10N, use the versatile XML standard for translation purposes. The market leader of Computer Aided Translation (CAT) Tools, SDL’s Trados Studio, allows to translate XML with

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